Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About Year 9

Welcome to Year 9 at Loxford School


Year 9 is an exciting year for students at Loxford. It is the year that they make the transition from Key Stage Three to Key Stage Four. With the support of the ATL (Miss Kelly) and the YCT (Mr Jinmi) students are supported in making a number of decisions that will affect the rest of their educational career. This comes in the form of options, where students can chose to specialise in specific subject areas, whilst still gaining qualifications in core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science).

Loxford aims to provide all of our students with the guidance and academic rigour that they need to be successful and gain real life chances. Every student is a priority and the school aims to provide them with the skills and independence that they require to fully realise their potential. Indeed, due to the Loxford ethos some students have already gained A*’s in the GCSEs that they sat in Year 8 and this Year a number of Year 9 students will be beginning their GCSE Mathematics and  a BTEC Business Studies course.

A positive relationship between school and home is integral to the success of all students; it is therefore imperative that parents and carers feel free to contact the school and speak to myself (Miss Kelly) or Mr Jinmi regarding any concerns. There are always a number of opportunities throughout the year for parents to come and see us; please take advantage of getting to know your children’s in-school support network.

Students will be set homework on a weekly basis; this should be completed without exception. As parents and carers it is important to provide children with a quiet and safe environment in which this can be done, or they can take advantage of the school library.

As an award winning Reading School, we insist that all students have a reading book with them every day. We read together regularly in afternoon registration and during English lessons, especially on Thursday when we take part in Whole School Reading. Improving reading skills is an essential part of our curriculum and allows students to develop a greater sense of the wider world.

Year 9 offers a wealth of opportunities to develop not only academically but as individuals in the school community and beyond. As students grow older it is important they develop their own sense of moral purpose and integrate into the local community fully.

I look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure the achievement of your children.

Miss. Kelly
Year 9 Achievement Team Leader