Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About Year 11

Year 11 is one of the most exciting, challenging and important times in your child’s education. It continues the formal journey to achieving GCSE and/or BETC qualifications.

Although the final Year 11 GCSE exams may seem a long way away, your child will be taking modular exams and completing coursework and controlled assessments (course work completed in school under exam conditions), all of which count towards their final GCSE grades.

The vision of the Year 11 team is to develop all students to aspire to be their best with the knowledge that they have the full support of the year team and their parents.

As a team we believe school is one point of a triangle - the other two points are the student and parents. A positive relationship with home is essential if the students are to achieve their potential. One point cannot work successful on its own - we all need to help and support the most important person which is off course, the student.

In order to achieve this goal students must value learning. Year 11 students will show that they value learning through the choices they make. Students will show that they value learning through outstanding attendance and punctuality, through behaviour which allows for learning to take place and through the completion of work in class, as well as homework, to the best of their ability. The year team will reward students for making excellent choices and will have support systems in place for those that are finding the correct decisions difficult to make. Parents will be expected to encourage students to make the right decisions and to support the year team when the wrong choices have been made.

Students must also take ownership of their learning. They need to make effective use of their diaries to record homework and to self-monitor their attendance and punctuality. Parents and tutors must support this endeavour by checking the diary regularly and using it as a communication tool which links the efforts of home and school.

The school must facilitate extended opportunities to assist students in their effort to be their best. SEN, EAL and GT teams within the school will offer students the support needed to achieve and exceed their targets. Extra-curricular activities including lunchtime and afterschool clubs and sports will provide students with the chance to develop socially in areas outside of their academic subjects.

After school and during the school holidays students will be invited and given the opportunity to attend revision classes leading up to their GCSE examinations which is a positive and valuable experience for the students.

We will continue to push our students to make outstanding progress and urge our Year 11 students to continue to aim high and achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your support with this and I look forward to an extremely successful year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Miss C Carrington

Year 11 Achievement Team Leader