Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

General Information

Welcome from the Head

At Loxford School of Science and Technology our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities. We emphasise traditional standards of uniform, good manners, discipline and respect whilst providing a very relevant and modern education which will enable our students to succeed in the workplace and society of the twenty-first century.

We will provide an all-through education experience for learners between the ages of 3-18.  Through an innovative and dynamic approach to learning we will incorporate a Nursery, Primary and Secondary phases, and Post 16 provision. Our all-through nature is the platform from which we further improve learners' academic achievements and raise their aspirations, confidence and self-esteem.

Students of all abilities do exceptionally well at the School and we are very proud of their achievements. Loxford School was the most improved school in England in 2007 and the School has regularly won Excellence Awards from the Government for outstanding results. In fact, our examination results make Loxford School one of the most successful schools in the country and we aim to improve further. Ofsted have completed an interim inspection of the school and has called it outstanding again (July 2010).

The students of Loxford School enjoy state of the art facilities for all subject area which providing an atmosphere of life-long learning for your child. Our new building for the primary phase is due to be completed early in 2013 and this will mirror the secondary phase in design and facilities.

The School offers a wide range of very high quality academic and vocational courses and all students have the opportunity to undertake realistic scientific and business related projects. Full use is made of the very latest technology and state-of-the-art computing facilities are a feature of teaching in all subjects and a major feature in the new build. In this way, the School aims to offer the very best in traditional standards, coupled with the latest facilities and teaching techniques. We are a High Performing (LEPP) school which builds on our previous specialist status as a Technology College and Language College. This is in recognition of the very high standards of teaching and learning at the School.

It is no coincidence that when the School was last inspected in 2007, 2008 and 2010 that inspectors judged Loxford to be an Outstanding School, with outstanding achievement and standards and excellent behaviour and excellent relationships between students and staff. This ethos is created by placing great emphasis on building a close working partnership with parents. We believe that it is only through students, parents and teachers working together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect that we can achieve the very best for our young people.

At Loxford School of Science and Technology we are confident that we can provide a safe, happy, modern and inspiring environment for your children to grow in and to achieve their full potential.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Mrs. Anita Johnson


Home School Agreement

Loxford School of Science and Technology intends to make sure that all students achieve their best. It demands high standards of work and behaviour from students.

Teachers do their best to make sure that every student achieves.

We seek to provide learning experiences which challenge students, build self esteem and confidence and so enable them to take up their responsibilities as adults, members of the community and at work.

Responsibilities of Parents

»  My child will attend school, regularly, on time, in uniform, properly equipped and not go on holiday in term time without permission from the school.

»  I will tell the school the reason every time my child is absent.

»  I will support my child in good behaviour and support the school code of conduct.

»  I will support my child in doing homework and learning at home.

»  I will tell the school about any changes at home which may affect my child’s school life.

»  I will do my best to attend Parents’ Evenings and information meetings.

»  If I am unhappy about any events at school I will tell my child’s Head of Year.

»  I will work the school and meet with teachers if problems develop, lateness, uniform, behaviour, homework, achievement and bullying.

Responsibilities of Loxford School of Science and Technology

»  The school will reward students who work.

»  The school will inform parents about low standards of attendance, lateness, uniform, equipment, schoolwork and homework.

»  The school will set homework regularly, according to the timetable and mark it.

»  The school will make clear to students and parents the standards expected for good work and behaviour and what will happen if these standards are not kept.

»  The school will invite parents to Parents’ Evenings to discuss progress and achievement.

»  The school will provide written reports on progress, achievement and standards.

»  The school will deal seriously and sensitively with parents’ concerns.

»  The school will work with parents, meet them and support them in dealing with any problems that develop about attendance, lateness, uniform, behaviour, homework, achievement and bullying.