Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

Specialist School Programme

Why we are a Training School

We have extensive experience in ITT developments. Since 1994 we have developed very successful ITT Partnerships with the Institute of Education which expanded to include King’s College, Goldsmiths’, Middlesex and UEL.  We have trained teachers in all subject areas and have successfully partnered in the Associate Teacher scheme with UEL, as well as providing work experience for our own students (and others) who have considered teaching as a career.

Our success in Overseas and Graduate Training routes was extended when we joined Teach First in 2003 and trained 6 candidates 50% of who remained in teaching beyond their original contracts.  This was 25% above the National average. The 8th cohort has just started. We train specifically for the Inner City experience in a very successful specialist school. Our commitment to the ideology of a training institution can be see by:

•    Successfully gaining IIP status 4 times showing our commitment to and development of all staff.
•    Our ASTS in Assessment, Teaching and Learning have worked with LEA, disseminating good practice and further enhancing work in these areas.
•    As the lead school in our LIG collaborative we support a network of subject development groups. We have had strong foci on AFL and Pastoral leadership, and a reputation for innovative practice. We meet regularly with our 4 secondary partners.
•    Eleven staff successfully completed NPQH. Middle leaders successfully completed and members of staff currently on Leading from the Middle (LftM). Two members of staff are currently on ‘Investing in diversity’ with the London Leadership Centre. 4 members of staff are on Leadership courses at senior level.
•    Our aim to expand SSAT links and other opportunities for non teaching staff (Librarians, Admin, Technicians) to be part of whole school deep learning.

We see Training School status as the ‘next step’ to developing enhanced student participation and co constructed learning. In turn this will enhance recruitment and retention of students and staff.

Partnership and community links

The school’s ‘can-do’ culture has helped sustain an improvement in standards. Partnerships and community links are crucial element in promoting success in South Ilford and East London. In particular we aim to:
•    Extend the number of ITT places available to train teachers from across the curriculum for East London.
•    Secure a permanent relationship with Teach First as a first class training institution.
•    Develop certificated courses e.g. ASDAN for a pre teaching course with 18+ students from Loxford and in partnership with UEL.
•    Use existing ASTs to enhance the relationship we have with our partner schools and support Redbridge LEA. Our ‘next step’ within our LIG has already been formulated. This being to use ‘gifted’ members of staff across our 5 schools in training roles.
•    Develop student voice in whole school in-service training and seek validation for students in this role.  Use our already successful partnership teaching methods (EAL/SEN) as a model to incorporate students as co-constructors of learning.
•    Train and support students to train others in local secondary/primaries and develop student voice with regards to teaching and learning.
•    Expand Action Research on T&L with targeted grants for small scale work within and beyond Loxford.  Enable staff to develop professionally by releasing them from their full teaching commitment to focus on aspects of our research work into innovative practice with student voice.

Having been selected as a ‘One School Pathfinder’, under the BSF, we are committed to developing and distributing new opportunities within our community. This will be crucial to the success of the pathfinder initiative. (SDP Priority 6) Specialist schools funding has allowed us to enrich and broaden students’ experiences. Extra resources will enable us to expand our role in the development of teaching and learning, using current LIG, D&R Hub, TC.

•    New technologies combining with innovative pedagogical philosophies, focused on our current work as a D&R Hub for Deep Learning. Our Science, Art and ICT curriculum have been made more accessible and interactive through the use of new technologies.
•    Further develop coaching of middle leaders in partnership with LftM/NCSL.
•    Exploring business model training by exploiting connections with Deloittes and PWC to look at coaching, interviewing and feedback procedures. This will draw on our Teach First teachers who have joined businesses and continue their links with us.
•    Secure coaching scenarios for non teaching staff across our networks and ensure “next step” culture is developed throughout school and beyond.

Areas for development

Our excellent Teaching & Learning has been recognised by internal/external agencies including the LEA & DCSF. The development of confident subject specialists has been a priority - upward achievement trend. The Training School plan plays to our strengths. We aim to grow using two main themes/delivery models.

1. Continuing Professional Development for all members of our school community: student, staff, support staff and members of our network partnerships. Specifically:

•    Develop our current cross phase activities to include partnership between KS2/3 teaching/support staff.  Use our Teachers College re-designation bid or LC plan as foci.  Up skill KS2 teachers and offer students experiences beyond that of their current curriculum e.g. CAD/CAM Design and Manufacture using video conferencing. We will disseminate our developments in Teaching & Learning through our TC&LC status.  
•    Use our diverse and extensive skills base as a TC school. E.g. to train KS2 staff to deliver Science transitions SoW.  (TC bid target)
•    Linking with secondary schools for shared delivery of training programmes; with primary schools for subject expertise.

2. School based research. This will be both innovative and experimental, with the clear ‘additionality’ expected of us as a TS. Specifically:

•    Use the IRIS camera and software to aid reflective practioner work.
•    Using new technologies and innovative pedagogical practice to further our SDP mission ‘to stay at the top of the game’.  Creating a teaching lab to provide accommodation for recording micro/macro teaching; coaching and group Inset. Our work as a SSAT D&R Hub will feed into and draw from this.
•    The development of externally validated Student Voice and Co-construction of learning. Engagement with Teaching & Learning, particularly through our specialist subjects.
•    Develop “fledgling coaches”. Coach students for lesson observation and feedback; coaching of other students and development of researchers to better inform the learning to learn debate in secondary schools across our networks.
•    Recently qualified teachers as researchers. Bursaries to be offered to staff who wish to engage in research. We will encourage typical ‘poster presentations’ - PhD research model for seminars/rondevals. Our success can be monitored by the success of these projects. We will use business links with ex Teach First staff to expand knowledge/opportunities to learn from training outside the school environment e.g. Deloittes
•    Developing, leading, collaborating, and disseminating the school’s work.  Essentially we will develop a web site for information sharing, with our range of networks and to interested schools beyond.

The Training School is led by a Deputy Head supported by a small team with delegated responsibilities. It comprises a recent graduate/gapyear student who trains students in coaching, research and student voice.