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Achievement Gallery

In STEM club (Science Technology Engineering Maths) year 8 and 10 pupils worked together on an exciting challenge to move water from one place to another using only a few things like string and paper. The winning group would be the one that spilt the least water! Almost every group was successful, with only one group spilling their water all over the table. Incredibly, the winning two groups managed to only spill a few drops of water. This was a fun challenge which used the pupils’ science and design skills as well as testing their ability to work as a team. The club is looking forward to more challenges which will include designing and racing boats dog-fighting with aeroplanes they make.

Congratulations to the following students, who achieved 100% in one or more of their Year 10 GCSE Science exam:

1. Farhaan Ali
2. Khadija Javed
3. Aarti Jhoke
4. Ramakrishan Ramasharam
5. Thadchanamorrthy Vithoorshan
6. Pawandeep Virpal
7. Rajen Paul

Keep up the good work!