Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About Resistant Materials/Electronic Products

Technology Department

The Technology Department is located on the ground floor and consists of 5 large specialist workshops and two small CNC rooms. Each workshop is well equipped as a general purpose workshop but also has a resource focus to deliver specific exam group specialisms. Rooms G.11 and G.12 share a hot metal area while rooms G.16 and G.17 are equipped to deliver Electronics together with Systems and Control. In addition, there is a large well equipped materials preparation room.

The Technology Curriculum Team

Mr T. Neal - In Charge of Graphics

Mr P. Ruta - Lead Teacher in Design Technology

Mr R. Gray - Teacher of Technology

Mrs K. Henry - Teacher of Technology

Mr T. Mee - Teacher of Technology

Mr S. Allen - Teacher of Technology

Miss S.Hunt - Teacher of Technology

Miss E. Philip - Teacher of Technology 

Mr A. Spratt - Workshop Technician

Technology Matters

Design and Technology is fundamental to how we live our lives. It is a practical activity supported by academic knowledge, creative drive and manual skill to make an impact on the wider world and meet human needs.

Students learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems as individuals and members of a team.

They respond with ideas, products and systems, challenging expectations where appropriate. They combine practical and intellectual skills with an understanding of aesthetic, technical, cultural, health, social, emotional, economic, industrial and environmental issues.

Through design and technology students develop confidence in using practical skills, to manage their time and become discriminating users of products. They apply their creative thinking and learn to innovate through using skills that are transferable to many other contexts.

What we aim to do

We aim to give students the technological knowledge, creative and manual skills to deal with ideas systems and materials in a confident way. We place a high value on these skills and attitudes, which we believe can be applied in many different contexts throughout life.

Students should develop the ability to work purposefully, to work as members of a team and develop a critical awareness of the made and natural environment.

We teach students to gather, order and assess information to use, interpret and/or produce data where necessary. From this, students generate and record ideas relevant to potential solutions appraise solutions to an identified problem. They will need to demonstrate communication skills necessary to give, in a clear and appropriate form, information about proposed design solutions. They will select and develop novel solutions, considering constraints such as time, cost, skills and resources; plan and select a course of action.

To put this into practice we aim for students to develop high level making skills, both manually and through the use of computer controlled equipment.

To ensure effective solutions, students compare and evaluate the performance of a design solution against a specification; propose and make modifications to a design solution.

Latest News

We expect to commission shortly our Hot Metal Room, allowing us to greatly extend the range of our practical activities in GCSE and A level studies with casting, brazing welding and forge work.

The planned expansion of our computer facilities is about to get under way towards our goal of 20 pcs in each room, This is designed to enable us to fully integrate IT into all our work, not just in presentation and research but also allowing extensive use of computer aided designing and manufacturing. We already employ IT extensively in Systems and Control and Electronics and GCSE Resistant Materials but now our intention is to develop extended activities within Key Stage 3 Resistant Materials.

On the November 26th, 16 Sixth form Product Design students will be attending the “Inspired by Design” conference at the Institute of Education. This is an important event as it allows students to meet and discuss their work with internationally renowned designers.

Outside the Classroom

The Department is open after school each day except Mondays. A wide range of activities are undertaken. There are drop in sessions for exam work catch up for both GCSE and A levels. Mr Gray and Mr Neil help run the STEM club with the Science department.Mr O’Flannaghan runs the aero modelling club for Year 7s on Thursdays. In addition, students of all ages also come along to work on special projects for themselves.