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On the 6th November Year 12 Photography students visited the Victoria and Albert Museum to experience The photographers Galleries showing 'The History of Photography' and 'Island
Stories' Exhibitions for their AS Photography Coursework. Students saw a mini exhibition of Harry Hammonds Pop Icons from the 1950's and 60's, and experineced first hand examples of Film, Fashion, Sculpture and Jewellery alongside the Main Photography Exhibitions
shown. Students gained a deeper understanding of presentation of their work and of How to exhibit thier work which will be invaluable in supporting them with their end of Year exhibition.

The GCSE Course

At GCSE level students complete a coursework unit which is made up for 4 separate projects and is worth 60% of their overall grade, and an external Examination set by the exam board worth 40% of their grade. The coursework projects are; ‘Black and white’, ‘Techniques and Processes’, ‘Mixed Media’ and ‘Colour.’ Each project explores the work of various photographers relating to the theme and requires students to take photographs in the style of each person studied before developing their own ideas individually and producing their own outcomes. 10 outcomes for each project are mounted and presented alongside exam outcomes in their end of Yr 11 exhibition.

The exam unit is started in January of Yr 11 and after a 6-8 week period of developmental work concludes in a 10 hour examination.

In all units of work students are expected to rely heavily on ICT processes and editing techniques which must be documented in their sketchbooks through print screens and clear annotations in order to gain more than half of the available marks.

A Level Course

The AS course consists of 2 separate units worth equal marks (50% each)

Unit 1 - Coursework consists of 2 projects: ‘Black and white’ (book 1), ‘Colour, Pattern and Texture’ (book 2) this runs between September and January.

Unit 2 - Examination has a theme set by the exam board which begins in early February.

The A2 course consists of 2 separate units also worth equal marks (50% each)

Unit 3 - Coursework consists of 2 books with a related thread between them and a supporting essay of 1000 words linking to the second book. The theme of these is chosen by the student with guidance from their teacher.

Unit 4 - Examination has a theme set by the exam board which begins in early February.

During both years candidates have to produce sets of final images which are mounted on mount board and presented for moderation by the exam board along with their sketchbooks during their end of year exhibition.

Photography Club

The photography class rooms are available for an hour after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for you to come along and do extra work or if you need help from your teacher.