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What you will learn

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2012-2013 Calendars

Year 11 GCSE PE Overview Calendar

Year 10 GCSE PE Overview Calendar

What you will learn in KS3:

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Sports Leaders Task Overview Calendar 2012-2013


What you will learn in KS4:

Core Physical Education: 
Groups are organised through student choice options (generally mixed ability and single sex).

During Years 10 and 11, a core Physical Education programme is followed by all students at the School. The aim at Key Stage 4 is to allow some student choice as to which programme of activity is pursued, whilst keeping within National Curriculum parameters.
Where possible, students choose termly from a wide selection of programmes. There may also be the opportunity to pursue a programme of study in Outdoor and Adventurous activities. A wide variety of games is offered, including both individual and team games as well as net games and striking/fielding games. These may include: badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, rounders, softball, boxercise, aerobics, and water aerobics. All students are expected to follow at least one games programme of study. The emphasis is on developing positive attitudes to physical activity, and students are, therefore, expected to participate fully in the programme chosen.
A great deal of importance is also placed on educating the students in the need to take frequent physical exercise conducive to leading a healthy lifestyle, and in this respect they are taught how to plan, undertake and evaluate a safe, health-promoting exercise programme. This may be done through work in a module of Aerobics or Fitness, and the work undertaken is then reinforced through all other programmes of activity.

GCSE Physical Education: 
In YEAR 10/11 groups are Mixed Ability and Mixed Gender.

GCSE PE is open to all students. However, we do expect students to have shown full participation, enthusiasm and appropriate conduct during their Year 9 P.E. lessons.
Throughout the two year course students will experience a range of sports. 
This is very much a practical-based subject designed to emphasise physical activity. Students will have the opportunity to make a choice of four activities from the full range of National Curriculum areas. There will be flexibility within these areas to allow all students to show themselves at their best. You will study these four activities in detail covering planning and tactics, demonstrate individual skills and show the skills displayed in the game situation or the performance routine. You will also be analysing your own and others" performance within the range of activities.

The second part of the course revolves around the theory of sport, covering areas such as anatomy and physiology, reasons for participating in Physical Education and safe practice in sport.