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What you will learn

What you will learn in KS3

The topics studied over the course of years seven to nine are as follows (not necessarily in this order).

Year Seven
• meeting and greeting people
• the date, age and birthdays
• classroom objects
• the alphabet
• classroom instructions
• family
• pets
• where you live
• rooms
• furniture
• telling the time
• activities in the home
• domestic tasks
• school
• sports
• musical instruments
• hobbies
• writing an informal letter

Year Eight
• countries and their capitals
• languages and nationalities
• French- speaking countries and areas
• weather and seasons
• locations in town/ country
• finding the way
• distance
• modes of transport
• making and discussing arrangements (social and transactional)
• negotiating and stating future plans and intentions
• following and devising recipes
• preparing a menu
• buying food and drink
• clothes and fashion
• styles and materials
• reading about clothes and fashion for information and pleasure
• being and receiving a guest
• expressing thanks and appreciation

Year Nine
• illnesses (problems, remedies)
• healthy lifestyle (past, present, future)
• past birthday or other special occasion
• recent events in the wider world (via the news)
• school trip or other visit/ holiday abroad or in this country
• visits by foreign nationals here
• town/ country
• regions of France
• aspects of the environment
• TV, films, understanding
• reviews, reading for pleasure focus on one or more French- speaking countries or regions

What you will learn in KS4

The topics that you will study in depth at Key Stage Four are:

• self and family
• leisure
• life at home
• healthy lifestyle and eating and drinking
• school life
• holidays and holiday accommodation
• world of work
• local environment
• shopping

What you will learn in KS5

The topics that you will study in depth at Key Stage Five are:

•    Youth culture and concerns
•    Lifestyle: health and fitness
•    The world around us: travel, tourism, environmental issues and the French and Spanish-speaking world
•    Education and employment
•    Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions
•    National and international events: past, present and future
•    Literature and the arts.