Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About ICT

The ICT Department at Loxford School of Science and Technology comprises of 7 teachers.

Miss T. Hurst - Curriculum Team Leader of ICT
Mr M. Dixon  - Second in ICT, with responsibility for Sixth Form courses/E Learning Director
Miss O. Enebeli -Teacher of ICT/G&T Co-ordinator
Mrs S. Smith-Newsam
- Teacher of ICT/Achievement Team Leader - Year 9
Mrs Q. Masood
Teacher of ICT
Mr A. Johnson
 Teacher of ICT/Head of IGGY
Miss S. Rahman Teacher of ICT
Miss M. Malik Teacher of ICT

As the teachers of ICT we are proud of the facilities that are available for all our students.We have 6 ICT suites containing 174 PCs in total, so every student is guaranteed a PC to themselves when he/she needs to work individually. Loxford has both a wired and wireless network so that students are able to carry out their studies throughout the school. In addition we operate the Fronter VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) so that students have access to a range of resources both in school and at home via the Internet. Building upon our significant ICT resources we help students to become proficient in a wide variety of programs so that they can make best use of ICT in their lives. In particular we encourage students to make their own decisions about how and when to use ICT to solve particular problems.

Latest News


Summer Term 2013

Year 7 students are creating presentations to show case what they have learned in ICT this year.

Year 8 students are creating games using Mission Maker.

Year 9 students are working on Unit 2, Controlled Assessment section of the GCSE course.

Year 10 option students are also working on Unit 2 of their GCSE course.

Year 10 non-option students are working on DiDA Unit 3, using graphic software to make a range of products to promote a healthy eating take away business. The deadline for this work is 24/7/13.

Year 12 Computing students are working on Unit 1 in preparation for their exam in May.

Year 12 Advanced Diploma students are working on Units 6 and 4 of the Principal Learning. They are also working on their Extended Project, on a theme of their choice. The students will start the A Level Units from Monday 24th June.



Outside the classroom

It is important for students to understand how ICT is used in the world at large and so educational visits are arranged to this effect.

A level Computing students visit the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, while Advanced Diploma students undertake ICT-based work experience of 10 days. We also encourage visitors to the school, and have established a link with Queen Mary, University of London. Lecturers give demonstrations to students of various ages about how ICT knowledge is applied to everyday issues.


Support for your learning

Our priority is that students are skilled in using a broad range of programs in an increasingly complex way. We encourage students to experiment so that they appreciate the full potential of a given piece of software. Students can expect to use the following programs in the course of their time at Loxford:

Corel: Paint Shop Pro
Cyberlink: Power Director Express
Immersive Education: Missionmaker
Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash
Matchware: Mediator, Open Mind
Microsoft: Word, MovieMaker, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer
Open source: Audacity, Inkscape, Scratch

At least one ICT suite is open after school from 3.30pm to 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday every week. Students can use the computers to help with homework and coursework, with the support of a teacher.