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What you will learn

What you will learn in KS3

Year 7

Unit 1: Did Harold swear an oath to William?
Unit 2: What caused the peasant revolt?
Unit 3: How has religion influenced History?
Unit 4: Who was the best king of the middle ages?

Year 8

Unit 1: Why did Henry change the religious faith of the nation?
Unit 2: What were the causes of the civil war?
Unit 3: How the black peoples of the Americas achieved freedom

Year 9

Unit 1: What were the causes of the First World War?
Unit 2: Why did Hitler come to power?
Unit 3: The reasons for the Holocaust


What you will learn in KS4

Year 10

The USA 1919-1941
• Why was America like in the 1920’s?
• What were the causes and consequences of the Wall Street crash?
• How successful was Roosevelt in solving the problems facing the USA in the 1930’s?

International relations:

The Treaties made at the Paris Peace conference
• Why did the leaders who created the Treaty of Versailles not get what they wanted?
• How the Treaty of Versailles effected Germany
• How effective were the treaties made at the Paris Peace conference?
The League of Nations
• How successful was the League of Nations in the 19020’s?
• Why did The League of Nations fail in the 1930’s?

Year 11

Coursework: South Africa 1948-1994

British in-depth study 1906-1918
• Liberal welfare reforms
• The Suffragettes
• World War One and the home front.

What you will learn in KS5

AS History

Unit 1: Tsarist Russia 1885-1917
Unit 2: The campaign for African civil rights in the USA 1950-68

A2 History

Unit 3: The making of modern Britain 1851-2007
Unit 4: Historical enquiry - The making of modern China 1876-1976