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Schemes of Work :          Unit A531          Unit A532 Sustainability          Unit 1 Technical Drawing          Unit 2 Architectural Model

During the first term of Year 10, students undertake a number of studies designed to introduce them to the principles and practices employed in Graphics. These include: designing and drawing a range of production processes, the use of measurement and the testing of products in society.

By the end of year 11, students need to complete the following 4 Assessment Units, which equates to 100% of their final mark:

Unit A531 – Controlled Assessment worth 30% of final grade.

Students need to create a body of work with an emphasis on identifying design trends, what makes a good design and how these ideals will influence one’s designs, resulting in a 2D or 3D finished product.

They will be assessed on the following elements of the design process:
Generating ideas
Applying knowledge and understanding to those ideas
Modelling design ideas for further modifications
Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their final design

Drawing up a plan for making
Using appropriate materials and techniques
Making to appropriate standards
Testing and evaluating the final product for further modifications

Unit A532 – Exam paper based on Sustainability, worth 20% of final grade.

Students will sit a 1 hour exam based upon the issues covered within sustainability.

Unit A533 – Controlled Assessment worth 30% of final Grade.

Students need to create a body of work following the design process with an emphasis on the quality of make.  Using appropriate materials and technique, to create a 2D or 3D product to a high standard.

Unit A534 – Exam paper based on general knowledge within Graphics worth 20% of final grade.

Students will sit a 1 hour and 15 minute exam based upon general knowledge of the subject gained throughout the 2 years.