Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About Geography
The Geography department has 6 well-qualified specialist Geography teachers who teach Geography almost exclusively at Key stage 3, 4 and 5.

The Geography Staff are:

Mrs F. Patel - Acting Head of Humanities
Miss L. Bull - Teacher of Geography/In charge of Student Voice
Miss K. Moffat - Teacher of Geography
Mr R. Howe - Teacher of Geography
Mr A. Franklin - Teacher of Geography
Mr P. Farren - Teacher of Geography

Geography is taught in designated rooms in the department which are all equipped with interactive whiteboards and a range of resources.

Students study a range of topics at a variety of scales to broaden their knowledge and understanding of different places and issues in the world. They learn a range of skills which are beneficial to the work place.

Aims and Ethos

‘We as a department believe in working as a team to provide the opportunities and curriculum which allow all students to make Geographical and Academic progress.’

‘We believe in celebrating the achievements of all students at all levels and developing a culture for SUCCESS.’

We are committed to developing and redesigning the Geography curriculum, organizing fieldwork and field trips and teaching through a variety of activities and resources to interest and motivate students.

Our aim is that students will:
* Use geographical vocabulary in their geography work
* Understand the difference between a number of scales
* Learn about the human and physical features of places at a range of scales and how they interact to produce an effect
* Develop empathy, an appreciation of other people"s opinions, and understand bias
* Learn how geography links with other subjects and its importance in the world we live in today, jobs and the future
* Take responsibility for their own development through enquiry, independent study, initiative and maximising their potential
* Gain skills in analysing and reasoning so they can produce a logical argument with an informed conclusion

Latest News

On the 16th and 19th October 2012 the Year 11 Geography students visited the New Forest National Park and the town of Lyndhurst as part of their controlled assessment. The aim of the fieldtrip was to find out how tourism has created challenges for the local residents in Lyndhurst which is an example of a tourist honeypot. While students were in Lyndhurst they carried out a variety of fieldwork techniques and learnt a range of new skills such as assessing the quality of the environment, carrying out traffic surveys and questionnaires. Students gained an understanding of why people visit the area, how tourism has affected the environment and services provided and how the effects of tourism are being managed. Students also took a walk in the New Forest and met the New Forest ponies and saw the effects tourism has had upon the landscape which they will use as a case study in the tourism unit.
Year 11 geography students surveying the number of vehicles which travel through Lyndhurst
Year 11 geography students walking along the path
through the New Forest National Park observing
footpath erosion and the scenery

                                     Year 11 geography students surveying the number
                                      of vehicles which travel through Lyndhurst

Year 11 geography students surveying the different
services provided in Lyndhurst high street

Outside the classroom

Year 10 - London Docklands - Summer 2013
Year 12 - Norfolk - March 2013

Support for your learning

Below are listed just a few useful websites to both help students enhance their learning in Geography and to inform parents/carer’s of the national programme of study for Geography:
Keep checking back for updates to the list.