Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

Extended Schools

BT Digital Champions/Age UK Mi Community Project

Once again our year 12s are helping older learners with the BT Digital Champions/Age UK Mi Community     project.  10 year 12s have been trained on how to work with older learners who want to learn how to use computers.

Every Tuesday morning 10 year 12s and 10 older learners get together and the year 12s support the older learners on everything from using the mouse to booking a holiday.

6th Form Volunteering for Primary Reading

115 year 12 students volunteer to visit our primary phase students each week to support them with their reading.

They have had some training on how to support younger students with their reading and are giving all the primary children extra reading each day.

Roma Dance and Music Project

Last term 20 year 7-9 students took part in a Roma dance and music project with musicians from the Lontano Orchestra.  They explored ideas around Roma history and styles of music and then produced their own songs.  This resulted in a performance together with students from three of our local primary schools.  This was so successful that we have been able to   take part in the project again, but this time with all of our year 2 students.  They are creating their own songs and dance then will be performing them for all their parents and primary students.

BBC School Report News Day

Today, on 15th March 2012, schools across the country will be broadcasting the news stories that matter to them as part of BBC School Report. Jaishal, Sumayyah and Naomi shared their news with the nation when they took over Tommy Sandhu's breakfast show on BBC Asian Network:

We travelled to BBC Western House (in a very posh taxi!) early in the morning, where we met the team and learnt how to use the equipment.
Wearing our headphones, we were introduced by Tommy on air and tried to answer his questions in a clear and engaging way. He is from Ilford too, so we had lots to talk about! Then, instead of speaking to his usual correspondent in Mumbai, Tommy asked us to
report on the showbiz news of the day. It was nerve-racking at first, particularly as he reminded us that our conversation in that little studio would be heard all over the country, but it soon felt like a normal chat!

Tommy let us stay until the end of his show at 10.00am. This meant we got to introduce a music track, use the controls and take the mic again to chat to the next presenter as part of the ‘hand-over’ to the next presenter. It was an amazing opportunity and we loved being part of a live radio show. We would love to try and broadcast live at school in the future, so watch this space!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our visit such a brilliant experience, and thanks to Tommy, Jamilla and the others at BBC Asian Network for having us!

Play the following audio stream to hear how we got on,

Clubs and Activities

•    All curriculum areas have after school activities and clubs.  Please look at subject pages to find out what is going on there.  All clubs are displayed on tutor group notice boards and plasma screens

•    Gardening – This year we have grown, picked, cooked and eaten potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, strawberries, lettuce, peas and beans.  Later this year we will have sweetcorn, marrows and enormous pumpkins and squash.  – If you want to join us for gardening club please see Mrs Kanolik or Miss Hurst.

•    Interact – This group is sponsored by Rotary Club and we raise money and work with organisations locally and internationally. If you want to make a difference and help others please see Ms Millar or Ms Walker.

•    Breakfast Readers & Mathematicians– Once again we will be working with our feeder primary schools when we have breakfast and read or do maths together supporting younger students.  This is your chance to help others and make a difference.    If you want to get involved – See Mrs Kanolik for more information

•    Music Clubs:
•    Sound Skills – Can you play an instrument? Do you want to be in a band?  Do you write your own lyrics?  If your answer is yes to any of these things you want to come to Sound Skills on a Monday after school in the Music department.  All ages are welcome.
•    Dhol drums -   This is a club that started last year and by the summer the group were so good that they performed at an International day and in all the achievement assemblies. For more information about  either of these clubs, please see Mrs. Kanolik
•    ...... and lots, lots more!

There are lot of opportunities to volunteer for things both in school and in the wider community:

•    Breakfast Readers and Mathematicians– Our students work with all of our feeder primary schools to support younger people in their reading and maths.
•    Peer Mentors – We have opportunities for young people to get involved in supporting others by training to become peer mentors and anti-bullying ambassadors
•    We work with all our feeder Primary Schools and will be working with the Loxford Primary Phase to support the students with all sorts of activities and clubs.  We encourage our 6th formers to volunteers and give up some of their time to help others.
•    There are also opportunities for our 6th formers to support and run clubs for younger students.