Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About English

Here at Loxford we value the contribution of all pupils. Through the efforts of our students and the dedication and skill of our teachers we aim to ensure that everyone succeeds at English. We encourage enquiring minds to develop and learn both for themselves
and as part of the assessed criteria levels. We have the highest expectations of pupils and provide a safe and secure learning environment which is geared towards the interests and cultures of our students.




At key stage three, there is a great focus on reading, writing and speaking and listening, students being formally assessed in each area twice a year. During key stage four pupils can expect to move onto the WJEC exam board for their English Language and English Literature GCSEs. At AS and A2 level, pupils will sit the OCR exam board for
English Literature or the AQA specification B exam board for English Language and Literature.



We achieve results which are consistently above average for schools of our type and have made real progress in recent years to further improve upon the fantastic achievements for which Loxford is renowned. 

EnglishDepartment Team:

Mr R Tannahill - CTL of English
Ms E. Turker - Second in Charge of English
Mr M Rowley – Assistant Head / Teacher of English
Ms L. Hyams - Second in Charge of English
Mr P. Bayley - Lead Teacher – Year 13 English
Ms D. Kelly - Teacher in charge of Teacher and Learning/Behaviour Whole School Coordinator/ Y8 ATL
Ms J. Price - Teacher of English / Media Studies / Y12 Achievement Team Leader
Ms F. Hand - Lead Teacher of Psychology / Teacher of English
Ms K. Burningham - Teacher of English / Media Studies
Ms Y. Sadek - Lead Teacher – Year 12 English / Media Studies
Ms N. Agar - Teacher of English
Mr G Rushworth – Teacher of Media Studies / English
Miss L. Varney Teacher of English
Mr R. Jennings Teacher of English
Mrs S. Bhuwanee Teacher of English
Miss F. Zaman Teacher of English
Miss J. Southward Teacher of English
Miss S. Appiah-Carr Teacher of English
Miss A. Lambden Teacher of English
Mr S. Aminzade Teacher Responsible for Teaching and Learning with NQTs and Teachers in Training

Latest News

First Story Launch

This week we launched the Loxford School First Story Group’s anthology, ‘Imagine’. This year, the pupils in the group have been writing poems, short stories, extracts and songs with our writer-in-residence, Laura Dockrill. We have put them together to create ‘Imagine’, a wonderful book, illustrated by Tahmina Shamim and written by the First Story group: Kamal Byron-Bolessa, Tahmina Shamim, Wasim Iqbal, Poonam Gosai, Kico Bela, Faye Oliver, Ibtisam Ahmed, Mohamed Mardardi, Raheel Iqbal, Hanaa Baboorally, Pradeep Kaur and Amrik Manku.

Faye Oliver, one of the group, writes:

First Story has been the most amazing opportunity ever. When I first heard about it, I was a bit sceptical; it all sounded too good to be true. But I was wrong. The workshops proceeded to happen on Wednesdays with the wonderful Laura Dockrill, and if you were to stand outside, all you would be able to hear was laughter, the sound of eating and the magical words people have written. First Story gives young people the chance to express themselves creatively and it really helped me with my confidence, to be able to say “Yes, I do write.”

The book launch was the most surreal event ever. The preparation for it was huge, from getting the invitations out, to listing the readers, but it was all worth it. Standing up on the stage, with the lights soft and dim, reading out an extract of my work, it brought back all the memories of the workshops. The readings were a great success but my favourite part of the night had to be the book signing. People came in streams, one after the other, holding their books out for our signatures, it was amazing.  I felt dazed; I knew I would remember this night forever.

Written by Faye Oliver, 10S

Support for your learning

Our aim is to ensure that every student is able to participate and succeed in every English class they take, giving them the confidence and ability to grow as an individual. Academically we aim to achieve the highest possible exam grades giving each student the chance to move onto the course, university or career path they choose.

Useful Websites

www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/ - outstanding site for year 10 and 11 revision with many of the texts you are studying.

www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks3bitesize/ - years seven, eight and nine can find a host of helpful and relevant resources here.

www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise - information, tutorials and activities to support all aspects of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

www.sparknotes.com – excellent site for finding notes and study guides for almost any text.

www.shmoop.com – useful website providing study and revision guides for a wide range of texts.

www.wjec.co.uk – the site of our GCSE exam board. Here you can find all the details of everything relevant to your child’s exam.

www.poetryarchive.org/poetryarchive/studentsHome.do -a fantastic resource where students can access a wide range of poetry in both text and audio form. Also provides information and biographies on many poets.

www.wikipedia.org – one of the best on-line encyclopedias available so your child can find details on any topic they need to.

www.gutenberg.org – free online books to download including all the Shakespeare texts.

www.topmarks.co.uk - educational search engine with links to many sites supporting learning