Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About Year 13

Welcome to Year 13 at Loxford School

This year is the most important in your child’s school career. This year is their final opportunity to achieve the grades on their BTEC or A Level Courses. It is the culmination of thirteen years of schooling! As a school, we have two very clear priorities for year 13:

  • All students should aim to maximise their achievement. Whatever grades they received or how many units they completed in year 12, we expect all students to work towards the next grade up. If you are on a C, try to get a B by the end of the year. If you are on a Merit at BTEC, try to get a Distinction.

  • All students should complete an application to university during the autumn term. If your child is unsure about whether they want to go to university, they should still write their application. They can always change their mind later. If they don’t write an application, they cannot change their mind if they decide they want to go! The school has a team of staff who will support students in the UCAS process.


In order to achieve their best, students must attend every lesson. Attendance should remain above 95% at all times. If a student is unwell, please telephone the school to let us know why they are absent.

Students must be on time to every lesson. Students who are late on two or more occasions in a week will have a detention and will be placed on report.


In order to be successful at this level students must spend time outside of lessons completing research and private study. All students have non-contact time built into their timetable. This time should be spent in one of our two study rooms or in the library. Students must also be spending time at home engaged in their studies.

Achievement Team Leader