Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

About Business, Economics, Accounts & Law

The Business Department at Loxford School of Science and Technology currently comprises 11 specialist teachers.

Mr D. Thurairasasingam – Curriculum Team Leader of Business Studies, Economics, Accounts and Law
Ms. Y. Peppas – Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator/ Deputy Curriculum Team Leader and Teacher of Business Studies
Ms. G. Bullent – Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator/Teacher of Accounts, Economics and Business Studies
Mr. K. Davey – Responsibility  in Economics and Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs. R. Akhtar-Lais – BTEC Business Co-ordinator, Teacher of Economics and Business Studies
Ms. C. Carrington - Teacher of Business Studies/ICT/Achievement Team Leader
Ms. N. Jafri – Responsiblity in Law and Business Studies Teacher
Mr. A. Mendonca - Teacher of Business Studies, Accounting and in charge of International Schools
Ms. S. Reeves - Teacher of Business Studies
Mr. V. Tasker - Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs E. Conlon - Teacher of Law, Business Studies and Sociology
Mr M. Taunque - Teacher of Business

We, the teachers in our department, always aim to demonstrate the real world to our students so that they gain a better understanding of how the local, national and international economies work and how they impact on their lives now and in the future. Our aim is to open avenues for our students and to be innovative and creative in our delivery of the concepts under study. The programs available for the students are very dynamic in nature. They allow students to not only develop academically and acquire many transferable skills for the future but also gain a practical view of how things work in a wider context. Students develop their learning curve in a supportive and stimulating environment enabling virtually all to progress and achieve real success. The courses available set solid foundations for higher education as well as for the job market.

We share a keen interest in the subject, a positive approach to our work and a commitment to bring out the full potential of each and every one of our pupils. We aim to involve pupils in a variety of approaches and experiences. We encourage independence of thought yet also provide opportunity for our pupils to work in a co-operative manner, sharing ideas and developing communication skills. There is a real emphasis on making the learning of concepts fun, interactive and visual. We use many mediums of technology to give our students more clarity of topics and this is also supported by well designed, and heavily resourced, schemes of work, ensuring that the syllabuses and criteria are met fully.


We offer a wide variety of courses from KS4 to KS5.

At KS4 we offer:
  •     GCSE Business Studies from the Edexcel Examination
  •     BTEC First Level 2 course in Business Studies – Extended Certificate (equivalent to 2 GCSE’s)
For KS5 we offer the following:
  •     AS and A2 Business Studies (AQA)
  •     AS Applied Business Studies (AQA)
  •     AS and A2 Economics (Edexcel)
  •     AS and A2 Accounting (AQA)
  •     AS and A2 Law (AQA)
  •     BTEC Certificate in Business – Level 1 - Foundation Level
  •     BTEC First Diploma in Business – Level 2 (equivalent to 4 GCSE’s)
  •     BTEC National Diploma Level 3 in Business – AS and A2 Level (equivalent to 3 A’ Level)

The department has grown and demand for its courses is high due to the wide variety of subjects that are on offer. The school offers great opportunities for students and learning facilities are fully resources with IT in every classroom.


Latest News

  •     Business studies trips  during the Summer Term:
o    SOAS taster days for Law and Economics
o    Economics – EBEA talk
o    Law students visiting Clifford Chance (global law firm)
  •     Coming soon!
o    Enterprise club for Year 9 – 11
o    Bank of England trip for ALEVEL Business students
o    Innocent smoothies – Head office visit

Latest Business News
Students in the Business Department are encouraged to read Business/Economcs/Financial and Legal news to support their learning in their lesson.

Outside the Classroom


The department organises a variety of trips for the courses in order to enhance student learning and for learners to see the application of concepts in a real environment. Students on the BTEC Level 1 and 2 courses will take part in two weeks work experience to give them an insight into employment opportunities.

The department also hosts outside speakers from different business backgrounds from time to time to assist learning.

In the past these have included an Economics trip to the Bank of England and representatives from McDonalds came in to give talks to Accounting, Economics and Business Studies students.
Law students have been able to visit Parliament and also go on Law taster courses at SOAS.



Support for your Learning

Our Vision

The Business Studies Department at Loxford School of Science and Technology will promote and support a comprehensive, interactive, innovative and dynamic learning environment that will empower our pupils for the future in this ever changing world. Our aim is to give the best opportunities to our students’ and support them getting their bst grades within the subject.

Mission Statement


The Business Studies Department at Loxford School of Science and Technology will provide a diverse mix of course options for students (Business, Accounting, Economics, Law and BTEC) that prepares our students to be life-long learners and responsible citizens. We endeavour to provide a learner-centred environment in which the student is the performer and the teacher is the coach.

The Department also hopes that students will come to appreciate that Business Studies is a subject that opens up many gateways and opportunities for students to explore as future careers as well as develop their understanding of the dynamics within our economy and globally.


The Aims of Teaching and Learning in Business Studies

The Department seeks to develop in each student the following:

1. A positive attitude towards business by:

  • seeing it as an interesting and attractive subject
  • helping them to appreciate the creative and aesthetic aspects of the subject
  • ensuring that persistence through sustained work is rewarded
  • giving credit and praise to improve confidence
  • encouraging students to set themselves challenging targets.


2. Sound numerical skills by:

  • ensuring that calculators are used sensibly and efficiently
  • the use of starters and plenaries to promote the use of mental skills
  • insisting that they learn relevant concepts and facts.


3. A willingness to use algebraic skills by:

  • exploring mathematical patterns and sequences
  • identifying functional relationships
  • using correct and appropriate mathematical notation and language
  • using mathematics to model real-life situations.


4. Raising spatial awareness by:

  • fostering an appreciation of the nature of space
  • encouraging them to use different representations
  • exploring properties of shape and space through drawing and practical work
  • using appropriate computer software packages to investigate transformations.


5. An understanding of statistical enquiry by:

  • encouraging them to formulate their own hypotheses
  • collecting data from a range of sources by an appropriate sampling technique
  • communicating their findings through an appropriate and relevant charts and diagrams
  • using IT to facilitate efficient data analysis and simulations
  • engaging in practical and experimental work
  • looking critically at the presentation of information
  • evaluating their work and recognising the limitations or bias within their work.


6. An ability to use and apply mathematics by:

  • raising an awareness of numeracy across the curriculum
  • relating appropriate mathematical problems to life itself
  • developing an understanding through enquiry and experience
  • expressing problems in mathematical terms as an aid to their solution
  • fostering an ability to think clearly and logically with independence of thought and flexibility of mind.




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