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International Links

British Coucil Awards Loxford School


Loxford has international links with schools in:

India           Zambia           Switzerland           Global Friendship

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Salwan Public School (India)


Our partnership with the Salwan Public School began in summer 2011. In a short space of time students have already participated or about to complete the following projects:

• Religious Studies: How different religious festivals are celebrated (Diwali for Hindus and Christmas for Christians)
• English:  Describe the works and influences of classical literalists
• Food Technology:  Video of a cookery lesson exchange
• PSHE: The rights of children
 Business Studies: Snack Attack competition (Whole Year 8)
• Economics: Comparison of Macro-economic indicators
• Citizenship: Why I like living in India/England (Whole Year 9)


Academic teaching staff at Salwan Public School

Kafwefwe Community School (ZAMBIA)

Kafwefwe Community School and Loxford School just entered into partnership in mid October 2011. We are in communication with key personnel from PEPAIDS at local level in Zambia to ensure a prosperous link.

Our Student Interact Club has already agreed to run a Bakewell Sale on Thursday 3rd November. All monies raised will go towards the Kafwefwe Community School.

The Gifted and Talented team are currently looking at possible partnering activities with this school. Watch this space for further information.


Loxford School raises over £1,500 for Kafwefwe School (Zambia)

The Loxford community came together and managed to raise over £1,500 through a bake sale and raffle draw. The money raised will result in the following:

  • Brand new school building in Zambia - This will improve the learning environment for Kafwefwe school pupils as there will be much more space in the new building and pupils will no longer have to learn in cramped, dark classrooms. The new building works has already commenced, with expected completion around May 2013.
  • New toilets - This will result in improved sanitation at the school with reduced likelihood of children becoming ill. The toilets have now been completed.

Loxford has been working with PEPAIDS (Peer Education Programme against AIDS), a small UK based charity that has been working in Zambia through the Schools of Good Hope project, with the aim of improving the resources and infrastructure at Kafwefwe. The Kafwefwe School consisted of two huts made out of clay bricks and thatch, which were limited to allowing only 375 students to attend in short two hour sessions each day. Also, the school did not have any running water or toilets. The situation had not improved for years, and the community were in need of financial support to move forward. The bake sale was run by Year 7 and 13 students, who baked and bought cakes, as well as year 12 students who coordinated the raffle draw. Their actions ensured that financial support would enable the Kafwefwe community to move forward.

The project has enabled students at Loxford to become more aware about the scarcity of water and educational resources. This made them more responsible global citizens as they were able to appreciate the lessons and resources available to them compared to other international communities . The project raised a lot of excitement from pupils, teachers, administrators and building services staff. The Loxford School community came together for a good cause with sustainable outcomes that will leave a lasting legacy for the Kafwefwe community.


Every Wednesday, Room G4 (Break times)

Well done to 7L, who managed to raise approximately £100 in the first week of the bakewell sale. All money raised will be donated towards our international link school (Kwafwefwe School), who need access to water and new teaching resources. If you want to be part of this success, please support Kwafwefwe School by donating or buying a cake every Wednesday break time in G4.

College de la Poste (Switzerland)


Our partnership began in February 2011, when pupils began to write their first letters to each other. Students wrote their first letter in their own language and then subsequent ones in the language they are learning. We have exchanged 2/3 letters, and a class photo each, as well as doing a little bit of fun homework research.


Hand in hand, we walk through fire,
respecting people, we’ll never tire.
We laugh in harmony with each other,
treating people like one another.
Feeling safe with our hearts and soul,
fighting the obstacles as we roll.

Together we knock down the barriers of hate,
we can open our hearts to each other;
it’s not too late.
Global school alliance, we hope we can unite,
together we stand tall. A shining light.
Striving for world co-operation,
binding our love throughout the nations.

Anisha Akthar and Safia Majid (8F)