Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.


The Drama department consists of 5 teachers and is taught to all key stages within the school. The Drama department comprises of one large teaching room, and a smaller studio space. We also use the Assembly Hall both for teaching and for various events such as the annual School Production.

All students receive Drama education at KS3 and it is considered a vital part of the curriculum. Through Drama students gain confidence and communication skills needed for both creative performance and interaction in all other areas of school life.

Aims: To enable each student to:

  • Respond creatively to a variety of stimuli and the use of drama techniques
  • Develop imagination, sensitivity and self confidence
  • Encourage personal and group creative expression, communication and co-operation
  • Act out improvised and scripted dramas
  • Discuss and evaluate finished work using correct terminology
  • To develop tolerance and empathy towards viewpoints which differ from his/her own

Each year, the Drama department works alongside the Music department and with a variety of students to produce a School Musical.

About the Staff

Miss. Ellington
Joint Curriculum Team Leader of Drama

I started teaching Drama at Loxford in September 2010. I first became interested in Drama when I was in Year 7. At my primary school we didn’t study drama so as soon as I started Drama lessons in secondary school, I fell in love with it! I went on to study Drama for GCSE and A Level and went to The Central School of Speech and Drama to study BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Education. During this time I travelled across England to perform in theatres such as The Minack Theatre and to run drama workshops in a range of school. I have even travelled to Michigan to perform with a Theatre Company called The Young Americans.
In July 2012 I became the Acting Head of Drama in Miss Ahmet’s absence (Maternity leave). My main responsibilities are administration, the monitoring of exams, and controlled assessment of KS4 and ensuring the delivery of teaching and learning is appropriate to all learners at KS4, which I am very much enjoying.

Miss Bhamra
Joint Curriculum Team Leader of Drama & English Teacher

I have been teaching English and Drama at Loxford since 2010. I studied English Literature combined with Drama at the University Of Essex and trained as Teacher at the Institute of Education. Before embarking in a career in Teaching, I toured across England as a Professional Actor. I worked in Theatre, TV and Radio. My biggest achievement during this time was as a supporting Artist for Eastenders. I gained invaluable experience as an Actor, and have been fortunate that I can share my experiences with my students to enhance their learning and potential in Drama.
In July 2012 I became the Acting Head of Drama in Miss Ahmet’s absence (Maternity leave). My main responsibilities are administration and ensuring the delivery of teaching and learning is appropriate to all learners at KS3, which I am very much enjoying.

Miss. Ahmet
Drama Teacher & Every Child Matters Co-ordinator

In September 2004 I became Head of Drama and in May 2008 I was appointed Curriculum Team Leader of Performing Arts – inclusive Drama and Music. I studied drama Media and Film at Kings Alfred"s university. I took a year out where I worked for various companies in the community running drama workshops. In this time I also set up my own theatre school which still runs on Saturday mornings. This then lead me into teaching. I did my teacher training at the London Arts consortium as a SCITT course. In the Performing Arts faculty my main responsibilities are its administration, the monitoring of exams/classwork and coursework, staffing development, ensuring the delivery of teaching and learning is appropriate to all learners, overseeing behaviour and finally rewarding students for their positive behaviour.

Mr. Monk
Drama Teacher & ATL

I joined Loxford in 1999 having previously taught in Enfield. I studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and trained as a teacher Central School of Speech and Drama. Before I became a teacher, I worked as a director with youth theatres around the country: I have directed plays as part of the Greenwich Festival, St Albans Arts Festival and Luton Youth Festival. I also acted in a number of plays and toured Scotland as a magician's assistant.
I am currently the ATL for year 13 and the CTL for Learning to Learn. As well as Drama, I also teach English and L2L.

The Curriculum


Term Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
1.1 Introduction to Drama
Who is Stan?
1.2 Darkwood Manor
Woman in Black
2.1 Titanic
2.2 Introduction to Drama
Romeo and Juliet
3.1 Darkwood Manor
Missing Dan Nolan
3.2 Titanic
Let Him Have It
Ferres School


Term Year 10 Year 11
1.1 Introduction to GCSE Drama
Unit 1 – Drama Exploration Conflict
1.2 Practitioners
Unit 2 –
Exploring Play Texts Too Much For Judy Conflict
2.1 Music and Drama Collaborative Project
Unit 3 – Drama Performance
2.2 Mock Unit 1 - Heaven and Hell (Skills) Unit 3 – Drama Performance
3.1 Mock Unit 2 – Missing Dan Nolan (Skills) -
3.2 Mock Unit 3 (Skills) -


Term Year 12 Year 13
1 Unit 1 -
Exploration of Drama and Theatre
Unit 4 –
Theatre Text in Context Conflict
2 Unit 2 –
Theatre Text in Performance
Unit 3 –
Exploration of Dramatic Performance
3 Unit 4 –
Theatre Text in Context

Useful Links

Good websites to be aware of and theatres to look at:

Local theatres for the pupils to visit:

BBC bitesize is excellent:

And for those wanting to act: