Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

Primary Building Development

Loxford 'All Through School' Update

Our new building, which will house the Primary Phase, is well on its way to be completed. It should be finished early next year. Our students will then move in and enjoy beautiful new classrooms, grounds, school hall along with all the other parts of a 21st century school.

The building construction is being led by Mark Kendle from Farrans Construction.

Here is our latest update showing what has been achieved and what is being done now, together with some photographs to help you see how great the building is looking.

We hope you can understand all the different parts of the building.

1. The external envelope ( the walls and roof) is now complete except fan light louvers & 7 external doors. The scaffold continues to be taken down.

2. The external ground works are progressing well and some trenches are open ready to take the incoming services. The plant room is progressing very well, shortly awaiting service connections to allow T & C.

3. The boundary fence now complete subject to a number of gates.

4. The roof lights are completed and the main roof works and internal plastering are nearly complete.

5. The floor finishes start next week along with the timber hall floor installation the north & south balcony finishes and internal doors/toilet cubicles.

6. The internal construction will then focus on the ceilings, carpentry 2nd fix, fixed furniture, Mechanical & Electrical 2nd fix and lift installation.

Spring Update

Despite the poor weather in December and January, the new Primary school building is moving forward. The first two floors of the concrete frame have now been cast the third and final floor is about to be constructed.

Bricklayers and construction workers are ready to start filling in the frame work looking to make the building watertight as soon as possible.

External ductings for services are in place and awaiting connection.

Planning permission for the relocation of the old electrical sub station is well in hand and work should be starting soon on relocating to the schools Loxford lane boundary.

Watching the crane swing lazily around the site with anything up to five tonnes on the end of the hook you have to marvel at the skill of the operator forty feet up placing loads inch perfect on the building.

Second fix gangs are ready to move into the ground floor to establish locations of internal walls and doors ready for mock ups of class rooms and room layouts.

The building is still on program and is expected to be completed late December 2012.

Farrans (Construction) Limited

Following on from our letter dated 18th July 2012, we would like to update you on our construction progress.

We have continued to make excellent progress, external works including coloured render, sheet cladding and service connections have progressed very well. During the summer holidays we made good progress with regard to car park works and service connections within the front car park area of the school, leaving the top coat of tarmac to complete. To the rear elevation of the new school we also completed the retaining wall, which was generally constructed of railway sleepers and timber retaining posts. Internal works are also progressing well, wall partitioning is almost complete, this is now being plastered and decorations are underway. At the time of writing, we are preparing to lay the first area of floor vinyl, this is always a positive step towards completion of a project.

Gradually perimeter scaffold is being taken down, which allows a better view of your new school, we hope you like what you see.

The project continues to go well and the site remains very busy, we again thank Loxford School of Science and Technology for allowing us to use this IT system to communicate this newsletter to you.


P Wordley