Our aim is to provide young people with the highest quality education, accessible to students of all abilities.

Primary Gallery

London Transport Museum.

On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th March all four classes of Year 1 travelled to Convent Garden on a coach to visit the London Transport Museum. The children were able to sit on some of the old buses and trains, and learnt a lot about the different ways of transportation. The children had a fantastic day.

West End In Schools

Primary Dance Workshop

On Thursday 7th March the ‘West End in Schools’ theatre company  visited Loxford and the Year 1 and Year 2 children spent part of their day acting out the book ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ by Maurice Sendak. They did this through movement, music and dance working with a professional dance teacher. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and there were some very talented children who in the future could be destined for a career on the stage.

World Book Day.

We celebrated World Book Day 2013 on Thursday 7th March by dressing up as some of our favourite characters from books we've read. There were a lot of Superheroes as that is part of the topic in the Reception classes. Throughout the school there were lots of Literacy based learning including making books and our own bookmarks. Here are pictures of us dressed up, try to can guess who we are!

Video Conference with Santa.

On Tuesday 18th December Father Christmas spoke to all the Reception students via video link all the way from Lapland. He answered lots of questions such as ‘Does anyone give him any Christmas presents?’ and ‘Why does he wear red clothes?’ Father Christmas told us that some people do leave him gifts and one of the reasons he wears red clothes is because he supports Liverpool Football Club! After the children asked all of their questions they sang Jingle Bells with Santa because he told them it was his favourite song.


School Council Video Conference

Video Conference 21st November 2012
Our year 2 school council took part in a video conference with members of school councils in 7 Redbridge primary schools.  Highlands Primary School hosted the event and it was run by the Highlands school Council.
Each school spoke about the role of their council and then had a discussion about different jobs school councillors do in their schools such as being play buddies and school ambassadors.
Our school councillors explained:
We put our name forward if we wanted to be a school councillor and to write down what we would do for the school if we were elected to the school council.  All the names of children who wanted to be councillors were put on a voting slip and we had a secret vote.  That is how the four of us were elected to Loxford school council.
We meet every two weeks in the school library.  We meet with our Headteacher, Mr Hook and Mrs Kanolik.  At the moment we are talking about our new library in our new school building and discussing how we can make school better.  We take all the ideas we have in school council back to our class and then discuss the ideas. 
We ask the class’s opinion about ideas we have been discussing and write down their ideas and questions in our special School Council books which we can take back to Mr Hook and Mrs Kanolik in our next meeting
An example of this work is our design of our new library.
We thought about questions we needed to ask our class then took the answers back to our next meeting.  This was how we knew what the pupils wanted to see in their new school library
Each school then went on to speak about rights and responsibilities. Our year 2s talked about the right of being able to come to school and being taught and our responsibility was to come to school and work hard to follow our Golden Rules so we can learn.


Night Owls Visit

There was a great deal of excitement in the school hall on Wednesday 7th November 2012, when we had a visit from Night Owls. It was a fantastic experience for the children to learn about what beautiful creatures, owls are and the chance to see them up close. They were amazed by the owls and had the opportunity to watch and fly one of birds.  Also the children had their photograph taken, if they wanted to, with the owls.  All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Caspar and Whisper the owls.


African Drumming Visit

In Year 1 as part of our topic of Africa, we had a visit from a music production group who taught us how to play different rhythms using African drums. The children played individually as well as in groups, making up their own rhythms and beats. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Police Visit

This week has been another exciting one for the children in the primary school.  On Wednesday 2nd May we were visited by two PCSOs and 4 police officers from the Metropolitan Police Service.  The police officers went into each class and the children had the opportunity to try on some of their uniform and handcuffs.  At the end of the morning all the children went outside into the playground to see the police van.  The police officers even demonstrated how the lights and sirens worked.  The children were very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  We look forward to welcoming the police officers in the future.

We would like to thank PC Burns, PCSO Cleary and all the police officers who attended the school from Barkingside Police Station.  We appreciate their hard work in arranging this marvellous experience for all the children.

Firefighter Visit

There was more excitement this week when the London Fire Brigade visited the Reception classes. The fire engine was parked in the carpark and the children had the chance to use the water hose. Some also dressed up in the firefighter’s protective suits. All the children and staff enjoyed the visit.

Many thanks go to Andy Watson and the fire crew.

Visit from Wellgate Farm

On Friday 20th April 2012 we welcomed the animals and members of staff from Wellgate Farm. The car park at the front of the school was turned into a farm yard with the pens filled with a variety of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese goats, a sheep and even a donkey. For some of our children it was the first time that they had been so close to farm animals and some children even had a chance to bottle feed the goats.  Even the rain could not dampen the children’s or teacher’s excitement. It was a day that the children will surely remember for a long time.


World Book Day comes to Loxford Primary Phase

On Thursday 1st March 2012 pupils and teachers from the reception classes and year one joined millions of other children celebrating World Book Day by swapping their school uniforms and dressing up as characters from their favourite books. We had a packed day of events and competitions to celebrate our love of reading and storytelling.

The day started with a whole family book share in the hall, where the children and parents read their favourite stories.  Over the day all the children made some stunning bookmarks, wrote some marvellous book reviews and listened to excellent storytelling from Mrs Johnson and fantastic performances from some pupils from Year nine.  The highlight of the day, of course, was the ‘Book Character Fancy Dress Assembly’ where the parents and children really used their imagination to make some very creative character costumes.

Thanks go to everyone who helped make the day a great success.


Leyton Stage Coach Visit To Primary School

On Wednesday  21st March 2012, Leyton Stage Coach brought a double decker bus to the Primary School for reception and year 1 students to explore.  The children had a fantastic time on the bus and were able to ask the driver some interesting questions.  The children also had the opportunity of sitting in the drivers cab and having their photos taken.

The visit was a great success, and thanks go to all those involved, especially to Mr Fall, the bus driver.